The Pursuit

A practical framework for life.


Life has but one guarantee: someday, it will come to an end. You just don't know when.
Maybe it's 50 years from now, but maybe it's tomorrow.

This uncertainty should create urgency, and a desire to live life to the fullest.
But you turn a blind eye to the power of death. You treat it like a myth, and let busyness consume you.

But the fact remains: death is inevitable.
The hourglass has been flipped, and the last grain of sand impatiently waits its turn.

The past is gone and tomorrow isn't promised, so you're left with the present.
This very moment is all you get. The here and now, and the choice of how to spend it.

You can squander it on fruitless endeavors and ephemeral pleasures. Or engage with art, beauty, and meaning, and pour yourself into the universe.

On your death bed, you won't ask for more money or power, or even food or water.
You'll simply ask for more time to immerse yourself in the present, and absorb every ounce it.

Thankfully, that hour hasn't arrived yet. You still have the gift of time, and the choice of how to spend it.

So... what will you choose?