The Pursuit

A practical framework for life.


You seek happiness, success, and fulfillment. And you believe they’ll fill that nagging void inside — that they’ll bring you wholeness.

But the pursuit is flawed.

Because it’s not wholeness you seek, but an escape from emptiness. You merely want to keep hunger at bay.

Because if you truly wanted to be whole, you’d find something that sustains. You’d see through your pursuit of pleasures, and your fruitless attempts at self improvement and spirituality. You’d see they’re all just a series of checklists, and the satisfaction they offer is fleeting.

You see, the problem isn’t emptiness or your inability to escape it — it’s your belief that the ideas exist. It’s your identification with them. Because as long as you choose to live in a reality with wholeness and emptiness, you’re destined to watch the pendulum swing back and forth between them.

Instead, look outside of that paradigm. Understand that being hungry means you have to eat. And what you really want isn’t more food — it’s freedom from hunger. What you really want isn’t wholeness — it’s liberation.

Identifying with the narrative of emptiness and wholeness — believing that joy comes from gaining one thing or losing another — that’s the source of your suffering.

See through the fraud, the illusion. Don’t run from emptiness. Ask why it’s there. Examine your mind and its cravings — its ignorance and fears.

And through understanding, experience liberation from the games your mind plays and the myths it tells. And in turn, find a sustainable existence.

Find equanimity and bliss.